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Scheer Security Systems Protects You & Your Residence

Since 1990 we have been installing low voltage systems, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, camera surveillance systems, home automation systems, audio systems, lighting systems, network cabling, and telephone cabling.
Custom Alarm Systems

Unlike the mass marketers, with the cookie cutter systems, Scheer Security will tailor an alarm system specifically for your individual needs.

A Single App Home

From lighting and climate
to entertainment and security, you’ll be able
to personalize your home and control it all

UL Fire

Scheer Security is one of the few U.L. Certified fire alarm companies in the San Francisco Bay Area

Camera Surveillance Systems

Don’t settle for short "cloud" based video clips, get 24/7 recordings and remote access via your smart device

Scheer Security has been installing commercial alarm systems and residential systems since 1979. The basics of detecting an intruder entering your premises has not changed much in the last 30 years: place a device at every possible point of entry, add interior coverage and monitor it, however, the detection devices and the panels that control them have changed dramatically.

Residential & Commercial Alarms


Unlike the mass marketers with cookie cutter systems, Scheer Security will customize a system for your needs.  Customize your alarm, customize your security and customize your notifications. Scheer Security has a security solution for any residence or business.
Whether it's added outside protection (outdoor photo beams/outdoor motions), fire protection, motion detectors, water detection, glass break detection, heat detection and even alarm security screens (which allow the window to be open yet the screen still be alarmed)   We install, service and monitor wireless and hardwired/hybrid systems.  We take pride in one installation at a time. 


The wire to your house is vulnerable to being cut or disabled, this is why more and more people are switching to cellular communication. Not only does  cellular makes your communication more reliable, it eliminates all the phone line troubles and hassles when 

switching phone line providers and finding a carrier that is compatible. In addition, the system will support remote interaction with your alarm via smart phone.  Remotely arm/disarm the alarm, turn lights on/off and even control your thermostat.


Not only does this provide peace of mind, but you may also get additional home owners insurance discounts for having a monitored alarm (ask your agent about the discount they may offer).  Your system is monitored via our central station 24/7 for any event that may be generated. Burglary, fire or medical, we will attempt to call the premise and then dispatch the proper authorities depending on the signals received. we have on-call technicians available 24/7, if after hour emergencies arise. 

Alarm Systems
Home automation has been a dream of science fiction writers since the 19th century and a crowd pleaser at World’s Fairs since the 1930s, but it didn’t start to be practical for ordinary homeowners until the 1990s. Scheer Security has been installing home automation systems for 20 years. Today the systems are robust and allow many options.

Home Automation

Savant home automation Savant is a premium automation experience
Savant Home Automation

Savant is a premium automation experience that will change the way you enjoy your home.  From home and away, Savant makes home control simple—with everything you need in a single, elegant app.

Endless control Savant's premium home automation systems

Savant's premium home automation systems offer personalization, and features that make the difference between just a smart home and a Savant Smart Home.
Control all your Entertainment, security, climate control, lighting, fountains, heated floors the control is endless.  

Use the voice control Pro remote or your  smart phone or tablet for full control of your system.

lifestyle automation Savant Scenes make every day easier.
A New Standard in Lifestyle Automation

Savant Scenes make every day easier.   Savant can help you create experiences that reflect your personality, preferences, and pace of life. Let your home wake you gently. The lights and music fade up slowly, and when you arrive in the kitchen, the news is already on.  Also set other scenes, perhaps for dinner parties all your selected audio can play and certain lights come on.  The customization is endless!

Home Automation

Fire Alarms

Complete Fire

Scheer Security can design an industry-leading fire alarm system, submit plans, install, monitor, test provide code required inspections.

UL Certified

Scheer Security is one of the few UL Certified Alarm Installation companies in the Bay Area.

Complete Fire

Know you are getting certified/Nicet technicians that meet or exceed industry standards.  Our fire alarm technicians are always taking ongoing education units to ensure they are current on the latest fire codes.

UL Fire

Camera Surveillance Systems

In today’s world, camera surveillance systems have become an everyday household item.  Scheer Security has been installing quality commercial and residential surveillance systems for over 20 years.  With very user-friendly video management software (VMS) that can be effortlessly accessed by multiple users from a variety of locations.  Not only do we offer installation, service and maintenance, we also offer a camera check in service.

Custom Surveillance Systems

We specialize in commercial camera surveillance systems, which  include LPR’s (license plate readers), or PTZ’s (pan,tilt,zoom), and the  typical fixed camera. We customize each system depending on your needs by offering a complete end to end solution.  

Residential Surveillance Systems

Residential surveillance systems have become more common in the past few years. Our  systems are designed using cameras with the  proper pixel count and lens configuration to provide you the best picture for  your needs.

License Plate Reader (LPR) Systems

Not all cameras are designed to capture license plates, this requires a certain kind of camera (LPR-license plate reader).  These LPR cameras can work with special software to keep a license plate data base which works great in gated communities, private parking lots and many more applications.  

Take me to Testimonials
Camera Surveillance Systems


"Great customer service! We have a home and business security system with them and are extremely happy with the rates and service."

Kristin M., Antioch, CA


Meet Our Team

Since 1990 we have been installing all sorts of low voltage systems, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, audio systems, surveillance systems, home automation systems, audio systems,lighting systems, network cabling, and telephone cabling. All of our technicians participate in ongoing training by manufacturers and vendors to stay abreast of new products and technologies. We install up to date technology and provide the latest items available. We know how to use everything we install, and we make sure you know how to use it, too.
Doug Scheer

Doug Scheer was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father’s job took the family all over the country and even overseas; Doug graduated from high school in Fremont, California. He moved to the Los Angeles area at 18 and started Scheer Security a year later.

Scheer was one of the first automated central stations to monitor alarms in Los Angeles. While central station monitoring is still part of Scheer Security, Doug has seen the industry change from the old dry cell battery alarms with key locks for arming and disarming, to fully automated systems controlled via iPad.

Doug returned to the Bay Area in 1989 and moved to Oakley in 2004 with his wife and sons. They bought the property at 3460 Main Street for their business. The lot behind it is home to Boy Scout Troop 152’s annual Christmas tree sale.

Doug Scheer is a past president of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce. He currently serves on the Ironhouse Sanitary District Board.

Office Manager
Patty Underhile

Patty has lived in the East county for over 20 years, she had worked for a large home builder as onsite warranty representitive,  and also at a  large home improvement center at the commercial sales desk.  she  has been at Scheer since 1996, she started as an office assistant, her prior background in the construction industry has been a big asset. Patty has held all office positions at Scheer and currently is the office manager, and in addition,  handles, inside sales, customer service, telephone tech support, and scheduling. Patty has her Alarm Agent Card and is involved with the local BNI - Delta Business Connexions group where she is a mentor. 

In the Community

Contact Us

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Scheer Security SF East Bay Home Security

Scheer Security Alarm Systems, Inc.
3460 Main Street
Oakley, CA 94561
United States
Phone: (925) 625-7580

Fax: (925) 625-7589
Contractor's License #608017

ACO License #3707

Scheer Security Supports the Community

Iron House Board Member

Doug Scheer has been on the Iron House Board for over five  years.

Former Chamber President and Proud Member

Doug Scheer and Scheer Security have been the past chamber president and member of the chamber for fifteen years.

Boy Scouts Oakley 152 Troop

Scheer Security provides the back parking lot where the Oakley Boy Scouts hold their annual Christmas tree lot for the past 8 years.

East Bay Little League

Due to the continual theft at the snack shack we donated an alarm system and service at no charge to help support this league

Habitat for Humanity

Scheer Security provides reduced cost burglar alarm systems and monitoring for Habitat for Humanity homes in California.

Western Burglar & Fire Alarm Association

Proud member of Western Burglar and Fire Alarm Association since  2000.

Delta Business Connexions

Proud member of Delta Business Connexions since October 2015.

California Alarm Association

Proud member of the California Alarm Association since 2000.

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